Riding Member: £1,425.00
Non Riding Member: £250.00
Riding Subscriber: £1,225.00
Non Riding Subscriber: £55.00
Riding Farmer Member: £625.00
Non Riding Farmer Member: £120.00
Young Subscriber (26-30 years): £750.00
Junior Subscriber (18-25 years): £330.00
Children (Under 18): £110.00
Point to Point Qualifiers: Ask Secretary
HHSC Hunt Supporters Club £25.00
HHSC Car Cap £2.00
Car Cap compounded by Opening Meet £40.00
Field Money
£25 is payable on the day or may be compounded to £300 for the season if paid before the Opening Meet
Autumn Hunting
Members and Subscribers: Free
Visitors – September: £20.00
Visitors – October: £45.00
Daily Cap  No more than 5 days hunting (from 1st October)
Adults: £80.00
Juniors: £45.00
Children: £35.00
Children on lead reins: £10.00


We are pleased to offer special arrangements to people who have never hunted and would like to experience it. We also offer special arrangements for newcomers to the HH. Please email the Secretary


Please do not assume you can park at the meet
Please arrange your own parking or call the Secretary

Please note that subscriptions are due on 1st May 2020

Cheques should be made payable to The Hampshire Hunt Club and sent along with the completed subscription form to the Secretary or contact her to make a bank transfer 




come hunting

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